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Odd Ball Pet Factory

We are a veteran owned, family run business
specializing in breeding unique pets
since the 1980's.

Red Bearded Dragons

Whether you like a snuggly pet that is trying to be your new best friend, such as bearded dragons and chinchillas, or the 'just to look at' type like chameleons and tarantulas, we know how to care for it. Our staff is trained on each animal's specific needs.


Not every set up is for every animal. Our store carries a variety of supplies to meet your pets needs. We specialize in quality supplies to keep your animal healthy while keeping your budget in mind. We don't try to carry everything, just top notch products with proven methods on how to care for, and even breed, these magnificent creatures!

Captive Bred vs. Wild Collected

Lesser Tenrec

We learned long ago to avoid wild caught animals. Most wild caught animals do not live long in captivity. Slapping a guarantee on an animal and crossing your fingers doesn't cut it here. We learned the hard way that while some species thrive with minimal care, others need elaborate setups and a lot of luck. As a result, our livestock is captive bred by us. We have kept and bred almost every weird pet in our 3 decades of experience. We literally raise and sell hundreds of high quality pets every year. We are constantly holding back the best babies every season, and adding new blood lines when we find something new or exceptional from other top breeders to give you the healthiest possible pet.

Come in and take home our Captive Bred little Charmers.
No gimmicks, No inadequate box kits, No tricky guarantees.
Just the best

Odd Ball Pets!