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Captive bred vs. wild collected.

We learned long ago to avoid wild caught animals, when we can.

             Most wild caught animals do not live long in captivity.
Slapping a guarantee on them and crossing your fingers doesn't cut it here.

We learned the hard way that while some species thrive with minimal care, others need elaborate setups and a lot of luck.

As a result, our livestock is captive bred,
or they have been treated for parasites and
properly acclimated.

We have kept and bred almost every weird pet in our 3 decades
of experience.

Whether you like a “snuggly” pet that’s trying to be the new “man’s best friend” such as bearded dragons, or the “killer” type like monitors and tarantulas,
we know how to care for it.

Our staff is trained on each animal's specific needs.

Not every set up is for
every animal.
Our store carries a variety of supplies to meet your needs.
We specialize in quality supplies to keep your animal healthy, while keeping your budget in mind.