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Bearded Dragons act more like dogs than lizards. When healthy and kept under good uvb lights, dragons are amazingly smart. People can teach them simple tricks like shake hands or play dead. Unlike other lizards that merely tolerate being held, these guys really like being with people.

We hatch and raise almost all of our dragons ourselves, ensuring a HEALTHY, well adjusted animal for you or your kids to play with.

Common mistakes to avoid:
Be careful where you buy your dragon. Most dragons carry salmonella, coccidea, and a number of other common reptile diseases. THESE can and do transfer to people! This can result in expensive hospital visits for your family, or even worse in children under 5 yrs of age. To prevent this problem good pet stores usually quarantine and treat their animals before you buy them, thus ensuring a good healthy pet. But that’s expensive. It requires a separate area with extra cages, expensive prescription medications as well as the skills of a Veterinarian who specializes in reptiles, or an employee with YEARS of training and actual experience to learn the skills necessary to make any real difference. Of course this raises the cost of the animal. To avoid this expense and to prevent lawsuits when problems do occur, the latest trend for other stores is to trick their customers by offering a "Guarantee".
The"Starter Kits" - are they a good deal?
Well... just as it implies - it is only the start of what you need. Usually it’s in a cardboard box with lots of pretty terrarium pictures on the outside. Then, in fine print it tells you most of what is shown actually costs extra. We have even seen statements like "actual contents may vary from what’s pictured," hence the box you cannot see into. Most kits contain a lot of what you don’t need, and very little of what you do need. Small or incomplete kits really do kill dragons! Often this happens within days or weeks.

Buying used equipment rarely saves you money either. Think about it - if the cage was so good why does the animal no longer need it? Usually it died because of it, or they also had to upgrade the inadequet box kit they purchased. Don't buy somebody else's mistake! Times are tough and everybody is trying to save money. Think of it like buying a "new car" that is missing the engine or the tires. It would certainly be cheaper, but will it reliably get you to work every day?  Would that really be a good deal?

How much do dragons cost?
Pricing varies. Generally we have 10-20 terrariums with dragons for sale. Availably varies upon the time of year. For most dragons, breeding starts in the spring months with eggs hatching in April through August – this is baby season! Most morphs are available at this time of the year until Christmas.
All dragons are sold exclusively at our Store. No shipping.
Prices depend upon size, color and sex.In general, prices are:
about $100 for normal colored
$100 - $500 for show quality or adults.
The types of dragons we usually hatch include: reds, blood reds, red hypos, extreme reds, translucents in many colors, marketed leucistics/ paper whites, smoothies, and silkies in most colors.
(Limited  availibility on show quality specimens) 
Babies – 0-60 days; 1.5”-4”; unsexableAt this age, baby dragons are very fragile and still too nervous and jumpy to really play with. One or two jumps to the floor could seriously injure or kill a baby dragon. It’s also hard to keep younger children from playing with their new pet, especially for a few months.
Juveniles – 2 months-6 months; 4”-12”; hard to accurately sexNow the dragons have settled down a bit, and are curious about their surroundings. They are more apt to interact with people and are past the nervous baby stage. Still use caution when handling juvenile dragons. Learning how to properly handle a dragon of this age will save them from a potentially harmful fall.
Sub-adults – 6 months-15 months; 12”+ ; sexableThe calm, easy-going nature of the bearded dragon is very apparent. They are very willing to be held, played with, and spoiled.
Perfect for first time dragons owners or for those that already have an older dragon and would like to get them a “friend”.
A nice "Red"
Blood red
Red Hypo
Juvenile Blood Reds
.Adult Red Hypo
Adult Red Hypo
Glamour Shots vs Everyday Reality
Hatchling Silkies
Striped morph
Adult Silkie A.K.A.Scaleless
Red Silkie Adult
Orange Adult
Paper White Adult
Mktd Leucistic
Smoothie Adult
Baby Red Translucent
Baby Green?
Baby's Blue Belly
Baby Blue Translucent
Our Passionate Obsession
Hatchling Translucents
Dragon Eggs Incubating
Dragon Room Racks
Dragons For Sale
.Dragons For Sale
Our recommended 40 Breeder kit for $224.99
40gal. Bearded Dragon Kit
All Dragons pictured were produced by us in our facility
Most of the dragons pictured are "show quality" specimens and are not typical of normal grey bearded dragons
Should I Buy Babies or Adults?
Adults – 15 months+ ; 14”+ ;sexable

It is easy to tweak a photo to improve the colors. Most good pictures are snapped when the dragon is very excited.

Their body posture perks up, they fan out to look bigger and more impressive, the beard drops down, and colors intensify, especially during courtship displays. Hence the term "Glamour Shots". So look at the pictures closely and consider the source. Is the photographer a licensed professional breeder, or just somebody trying to make a buck out of their basement.

After over 15 years of buying and breeding bearded dragons professionally, I can only say you get what you pay for!

Not every breeder is bad - to the contrary the good ones are the backbone of the reptile industry.

Just watch out for the Craig's Listers.

We literally raise and sell hundreds of dragons every year. We are constantly holding back the best babies every season, and adding new blood lines when we find something new or exceptional from other top breeders.

We hatch the eggs and raise the baby dragons in our special Dragon Room before putting them out for sale. Thus ensuring you will get a healthy, eating dragon that should live for years, not just a few months.

We have many customers with dragons 10+yrs old.

The premise is simple - in big print they "guarantee" it will live for so many days or they will replace it. Then in really small print they go on to tell you that the animal (in lawyer language) "may" carry all kinds of diseases and that it is your responsibility to pay for any and all vet bills as well as stripping away your legal rights to hold them responsible for damages or hospital bills if you get sick from playing with their animals. Their guarantee allows them to sell a sick animal and not be held accountable. It also keeps a steady supply of future clients going to their on site vet clinics to fix an avoidable problem. Always read the fine print before you sign anything. Most guarantees are designed to protect the dealer,  NOT YOU!  Don't be fooled by this gimmick!