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Say Happy Bithday!

April 9, 2020

Even with everything going on, we have to remember that Little Miracles still happen!

Please welcome with us - 2 baby girl ebony chinchillas born on 4/8/20!

Be safe!

Welcome to our Blog!

Mar 28, 2020

Something New...

Glad you made it to our new Web Site! As you can see, we are changing things up a bit. And it's about time! Gotta rearrange the furniture every now and then.

Keep checking back as we'll be expanding and updating the new web site.

Check in with our new blog page often as we'll try to post new births/hatchings, and keep you up to date on new projects we have going on.

We Are Open Saturdays Only

April 4, 2020

After much discussion, we have decided to only be open on Saturdays until further notice during COVID19.

Due to the increased risk everyone is facing, we will be limiting our hours to one day a week. We still care about your animals, and will continue to stock our feeders and other supplies.

Everone needs to work together to keep everyone safe. Be well!

About Us

We are a family-ran, veteran-owned, local pet store. We have been serving "odd pets", and their owners, since the 1980's.