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Take a look around - our Fur Balls come in several different shapes and sizes, from curly haired rats to spiky-looking tenrecs and soft, fluffy chinchillas!

Many of our small animals are raised here!

That way, each of our little fuzzy ones get the personal attention it needs to make a great pet.

Silver Chinchila Yes, some of our babies might be a little older when we set them up for new homes than other places, but this way we are able to wean babies properly. We make sure our babies are healthy. Sometimes weaning is very stressful and can cause some animals to go through a type of separation anxiety, and become sick. We also have more time to get our babies used to playing with people, and learning how much fun it is to be with people, and that's where all the treats come from.

So, when our little Fur Balls go home with you and your family, they are already past the most stressful part of their life, and know that they can enjoy their time with you.

Blue Dumbo Rats If you can't have a dog? Get a rat! Rats are just as smart, and as trainable, as a dog, but in a smaller size! Our little rats come from smart rat parents who love to be with people. These rat mommies teach their little rat pups that people are fun and should be played with, not feared.

Mosaic Chinchila Our chinchillas are lovingly spoiled and family raised to have good chin manners. Chinchillas, with their exceptionally soft fur and funny antics, have made this member of the rodent family a favorite pet of numerous people for decades - you probably know someone who had one.
The wild color, grey with white tummy termed Standard, is the color most people think of when "chinchilla" is mentioned. Many color variations have appeared since the first wild grey chinchillas, native to South America, were domesticated. There are now white, beige, ebony, mosaic, and several colors variations in between, even a curly haired ones!
Baby Chinchillas Dust baths are essential to a chinchilla's health and well-being. Dust baths remove dirt particles and oils that collect on a chinchilla's fur, it also gives them that wonderful distinctive puffy chinchilla look! Plus, chins just think it's Fun!
Most of our chins do not mind being held or ride along on your shoulder. Although some are a bit more independent, but still like to come around for a tummy tickle or an ear scratch. Chinchillas are naturally a colony (group) animal. The more time and effort you put into your chinchilla, the more she will come to think of you as an extension of her family, and will sure to become a loyal and loving pet for many, many years!

Lesser Tenrec Tenrecs have a much more slow moving, easy going attitude than hedgehogs, unless there are crickets involved, then all bets are off. They are very sweet, and fun to hold. It's hard to put them back into their cage - literally. Tenrecs like to wrap their little feet around your hand and won't let go!
The care for a tenrec is very similar to hedgehogs - a good quality food, fresh water, large glass tank, plus sturdy branches to climb on. Tenrecs will actually hibernate, torpor, for several months. They will eat very little during their torpor - maybe a piece of kibble or two and a sip of water a week. We suggest a heat pad for the warm months (March-Sept) and turn it off during the cold (torpor) months (Oct-Feb). Looking for something different? Get a Tenrec!

Come on in and see our little furry ones. We're sure they will melt your heart and convince you to take them home!